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REM-Nov-2013-Final-COVERJan Kabbani

This issue focuses on some remarkable individuals and companies in the residential real estate industry who have relied on hard work, determination and creativity to overcome the lackluster economic conditions of the past several years and emerge successful. Because of their efforts, Arizona is a more viable marketplace to build, buy and sell homes. In this issue of Residential Executive Magazine, we look at the methods these professionals utilize in order to find out what makes them tick and uncover the secrets to their success.

Our cover subject, Jan Kabbani, has embraced technology and changes in the market on her way to becoming one of Arizona’s top realtors. As the number-one agent for Coldwell Banker Previews International in Arizona in 2012, Kabbani has a sustained legacy of success and a track-record that others can emulate if they wish to see similar success in this dynamic industry. Despite beginning her professional life in a completely different line of work, Kabbani has risen to the top in real estate because of her keen eye for emerging trends and the ability to adapt.

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